1. Baghdad Flat Map

1. Baghdad Flat Map
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We have replaced our separate map of Baghdad with new artwork that is both up-to-date and will be responsive to changes as they unfold. Make no mistake – Iraq is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the near future, as a bulwark against Iran, if for no other reason, but the country we call Iraq is undergoing some fundamental changes, and we want to be able to portray those new directions as they take place; hence the urgent need we felt to update the artwork for both the country and its capital simultaneously. This is one of the most important maps that ITMB produces. Not its most popular, to be sure, but by the measurement of significance, there are few places in the world more pivotal to the world’s unfolding historical development. Saddam Hussein was right: the Mother of All Battles was about to be undertaken. Little could he know that he was only a bit player in the drama that swept everything he believed in into the dustpan of history and transformed the entire Middle East, but the past several years really have seen the Mother of All Battles, and it isn’t over yet – not by a long shot, and not being fought in Iraq any more. Enjoy the map; I think it’s quite good.
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